Below are the covers I have designed for the 'Lhasa Apso Club' between 2006 - 2016


This year's book was designed with the the Apso's
homeland of Tibet in the background with a view of  Everest and the famous blue himalayan poppy Meconopsis Baileyii
A completely different cover for this year with an Apso entranced with butterflies  

This year's book cover was a compilation of Apso's  
Another completley different cover a bit comtemporary with the potala palace in the distance    

This cover was of an Apso with their homeland map of tibet behind.    
 Unfortunatley I was unable to do  year 2010    

This is one of my favorites of an Apso looking out of a tibetan monastry over the plains of Tibet


A beautful front view I did in watercolour of a Black/white Apso
This year book was a watercolour I did from a picture of two oldtime famous Ch's

My first year of doing the year book covers, the original picture was a pencil drawing I did with an Apso head study and tibetan pilgrims circumnavigating a mountain. The original picture can be seen in the art section under apsos